Meet Michael

Hey – I’m Michael.Michael Adams Vermont

I eat, sleep, and breathe entrepreneurship, small business, marketing, personal development, and blueberries. I love to laugh, solve problems, smile, take pictures, and cook new dishes.

And this is my blog.

It Started With a Chocolate Chip Cookie

At 15, I sold cookies in my hometown. As a senior in high school, I launched an energy bar company that I ran for four years. After college, I left the energy bar biz and started a gourmet mustard company – it’s still alive and kickin’ today. After taking phone orders for lingerie and building websites for accountants, I moved on to a job with a boutique web agency.

I currently work for Bluehouse Group, a boutique Vermont web design agency. I handle all aspects of marketing: client and company SEO and PPC, copy-writing, email marketing, product development, and some business development. Our mascot is a pink bubble monkey, and there are over 90 figurines and pink flamingos in our office. Suffice to say, I love my job.

Why I Started This Blog

I’ve failed to blog about entrepreneurship twice. Once on this very blog, and another time on (looks like someone purchased it). I was in college when I started RL. I posted daily. And you know what happened? I ran out of steam – and content – within weeks.

After working in the “real-world” for a couple of years and wrapping my head around what I’ve learned and applied to my own companies, I wanted to start this blog up again. I blog twice a week. My posts are live at 11:30am est. every Tuesday and Thursday. Not eating lunch then? Subscribe to my feed and never miss a thing.

Why I Only Blog Twice a Week

Garbage in, garbage out, folks. It’s near impossible for me to pump out quality, epic content every day. I work full-time and run two businesses. Yeah, I’m busy, but I want to be realistic. I edit many of my posts 3-4 times before they go up on my blog. I’m no content mill. If you’re happy with that, read on my friend.

What You’ll Read About

Simply put, here’s my blog’s mission statement: to create value through my experiences of continuous improvement, both personally and professionally. That may mean life lessons I’ve learned, conversations with friends that spark ideas, and how tiny experiences lead to big shifts in my mindset.

If you enjoy my writing, please drop me a note. If not, still drop me a note. I want to know how I can improve my content so you get value from it.


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    June 23, 2013 - 10:02 pm

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