Look at Me! Why You Need to Look People in the Eye

Your eyes are your only opportunity to see the world.

A couple of days ago, I was reminded how powerful your eyes can be when interacting with someone else.

After gathering my things in the gym, I headed to the front door. On my way out I always say “Have a good night!” or “Have a good weekend!” to the desk attendant. Every time  the attendant has looked up from their computer, made eye contact, and said “Thank you! You, too!”

Except for this last time.

There were two people in the gym – and I was leaving. I walked out and said “Enjoy your Sunday!” She didn’t lift her head, said “you, too,” and continued to browse Facebook.

All you had to do was look me in the eye.

Fundamentally, it’s about caring. Two seconds to show you care. You’re a human being. You’re meant to look at each other. Why not make it count?

Eyes command attention, interest, desire, and action. (funny how that works)

How do you get better at making eye contact?

Practice. I kid you not. Practice looking people in the eye. Practice with your parents, your brother, co-workers, dates, new clients, etc. Prepping for a talk? Grab a group of friends, rehearse your talk, and make eye contact with each of them. You’ll feel connected to them – and they’ll feel involved.

Run with it. It works.

Not convinced? Here’s four scenarios where eye contact can seal the deal:

  • Job Interviews
  • Landing a lady/man
  • Presentations
  • Business Meetings

Pretty big situations, right? Yeah – so get practicing. You’ll see a difference immediately.

Sorry for the pun.

You’re right. I’m not.



About the Author

Michael Adams is a 26-year old entrepreneur living in Vermont. He writes about personal improvement, marketing, bootstrapping his startup, and life's general observations. Learn more about him.


  1. Solid points, Michael. I came here by way of another of your posts at under30ceo. It reminds me of some great advice I got on this topic from a professor in college: “Pick one eye and lock in on it – none of this ‘camera 1, camera 2′ business.”

    • Hey Richard! Thanks for stopping by the blog – glad to know my U30 post is getting some views! Your professor gave you sound advice. It’s truly amazing what eye contact can do for people.

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