I’m Sick of Writing About Marketing

I majored in marketing. I engulf myself in marketing books. Not to mention digesting the “marketing” garbage currently on the web.

Enough is enough. 

I don’t want to blend in. I don’t want to be Corbett Barr, Darren Rowse, or Ann Smarty (Although I do read all three of their blogs).

I certainly don’t want to sell you anything useless. I don’t want to put annoying email subscription pop-ups on my site, either. Sure, building an email list is important, but it’s not my top priority. Numbers (I have no subscribers) are second to impact. If one of my posts causes you to think differently, I’ve done my job. I don’t care if you get the next post.

Make an Effort to Be Different.

Finding your own identity is hard when everyone else and their brother does what you do: internet marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, branding, etc. How do you stand out?

I thought about this for several minutes tonight. I was reminded of my time at Magic Hat Brewing Company as an Art Intern. The number one thing I learned was

Look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

So, I made a list of topics I want to write about:

  • Goals
  • Motivation
  • Fitness & Health
  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Self-Confidence
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development

I realize there’s competition out the wazoo in these categories, but I don’t care. This year, I’m going to write based on personal experience. No one else can write about that, right?

I want to help you as best I can. At the same time, I want to discover ways to help myself. Ways to improve. The posts here will be my perspective – original or based off a blog post I read somewhere else.

Want to tag along?

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About the Author

Michael Adams is a 26-year old entrepreneur living in Vermont. He writes about personal improvement, marketing, bootstrapping his startup, and life's general observations. Learn more about him.


  1. Great Article Mike! You probably shouldn’t completely go away from discussions about marketing – that is your background and you have some fans! Myself included. haha The topics that you will now discuss involves what influences marketing decisions.

    Fitness & Health
    Personal Development

    These are all things that have a direct affect on purchasing decisions. Either way, you have my attention and curiosity! My poetry and music is filled of my first person experiences. I am looking forward to how you will release your own personal experiences through your blog – but I also don’t want to see the marketing completely go away!

    Thanks for the post!

    Ant Thomas

    • Hey Ant,

      Thanks for the comment, bud. Glad you enjoyed the article. I don’t disagree with you. My back-bone is in marketing, but so many people are writing about it. I need a unique perspective on things. While I may still throw in some marketing here and there, the blog won’t be 100% about marketing. I’ll mix in what I have above. I’ve been reading/watching your stuff and enjoying it just the same!

      Have a good weekend,


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