My Dad Has Been Trying to Teach Me This for 26 Years. I Finally Get it.

It only took 26 years. My Dad complains the only reason people call him is when they have a problem or need advice. I’ll be the first to admit that’s pretty much true. I mean, there have been a couple times I called him to celebrate in ridiculous excitement (because Mom didn’t pick up the phone), but he’s right. Most of the time, I have…

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Running your first 5k

What I Learned From Running My First 5k

Today, I completed my first 5k as part of a relay team in the Vermont City Marathon. It was my first time running a race. I’m used to running the loop around my neighborhood – 2.9 miles – a couple times a week. I’m by myself – just my ipod and heavy breathing. Oh, and tight calves. But this race was different. I was part…

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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail at Networking

I went to the second annual LaunchVT Finals yesterday (Congrats to IrisVR — super-bright guys from Middlebury who’ll blow your mind with what they’ve accomplished for architects and virtual reality). I won LaunchVT last year so I know what Nate and Shane are in for – mass craziness, and a TON of networking opportunities. A great network is the most valuable asset of any entrepreneur. You have to…

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How to recognize when you need help (Entrepreneur edition)

It was Friday night. I was sitting at my dining room table, in front of my laptop. The white glow illuminated my face as I typed away. I wanted to finish a couple things before I called it quits. But I couldn’t. I just could not get anything done. Why? There was this voice in my head saying “What are you doing? Wouldn’t it be…

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What I told 255 High School Students About Entrepreneurship

I recently spoke at the Vermont Entrepreneurship Week lunch in front of 255 high school students. I was one of four entrepreneurs who were selected to tell their story – how we got started, the importance of business education,  a couple networking tips, etc. I had nothing prepared. I ran out of time. I had no notes. Nothing. I totally winged it. And it paid…

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