Best Entrepreneurship Blog Posts – November 2014

It’s 5:22am.  I can barely keep my eyes open, but I’m trying to get up early to get more done (thank you, Brian Casel). And I had an idea I’d like to start working on: keeping track of the great articles I read on entrepreneurship & building a business. Reading about other’s experiences is inspiring, humbling, and sad. It’s reality – the truth. And it’s…

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7 Life Lessons I Learned from My Friend Who Lives in His Truck

“Hey man, where are you staying while you’re up here?” I said, as our two-hour long conversation finished up at a lunch spot in Burlington. “Oh, my truck. I’ll be fine. I’m actually headed to Canada.” And for some reason, I wasn’t surprised. I offered up my couch, but it was respectfully declined. The person I met a few years ago working in a cubicle…

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How to Overcome Decision Paralysis

I make a lot of decisions. Some are HUGE. Some, tiny. For example: What am I going to have for lunch? Should I run or lift? What should my workout be? Should I watch Law & Order now? Oh, a new Chicago Fire? That’s next. Should I call Grandma? Where do I want to go on vacation? I wonder how Drew & Paula are doing? Were…

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The 3 Productivity Hacks I’m Using to Get More Work Done

Do you hate the feeling of being overwhelmed? I hate it. There’s lots to do at work, people to follow up with, friends to hang out with, kids to pick up from school, gym, eating healthy. All that stuff adds up. I’m sure you’ve battled it at least once. The unfortunate circumstance of being overwhelmed is the feeling of getting nothing done. Sure, I do things. but…

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My Dad Has Been Trying to Teach Me This for 26 Years. I Finally Get it.

It only took 26 years. My Dad complains the only reason people call him is when they have a problem or need advice. I’ll be the first to admit that’s pretty much true. I mean, there have been a couple times I called him to celebrate in ridiculous excitement (because Mom didn’t pick up the phone), but he’s right. Most of the time, I have…

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